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All of us here at the Royan Hospital would like to wish you a very pleasant stay and a speedy recovery.
In order to be admitted to the hospital you will need to present the following documents :
  • Proof of identity (an identity card or passport)
  • An insurance card (European Social Security Card or an E111 form)
  • Comprehensive insurance information including insurance cards or pre-authorization papers to verify coverage and guarantee payment
You will have to pay for your hospital stay if you do not have the above documents, if you do not have medical insurance or if your insurance company requires a reimbursable payment.
The admissions office is open during the following hours to assist you in making special payment arrangements, if necessary:
Monday to Thursday from 8 am to 5h30 pm and Friday from 8 am to 5 pm
Telephone: or +33 546 395 207

Hospital stay

  • Telephone :
  • There is a private phone in each room in order to receive calls. If you would like to phone outside the hospital, you will be required to pay a fee to the hospital’s telephone operator who will give you a special number which you can use for family and friends.
  • Television :
  • Televisions are available to rent. For security reasons the hospital does not permit patients to use their own televisions. If you do watch television, please respect your room-mate’s need to rest.
  • Mail :
  • A mail service is available from Monday to Friday. The mail deliverer can send your letters if they are correctly stamped.
  • Valuables and personal items :
  • Royan Hospital is not responsible for lost or stolen items.
    Please do not bring valuables or large sums of money into hospital. However if necessary it is possible, for a fee, to deposit valuables in the safe. For this service please speak to the person in charge on your floor.
  • Library :
  • Every Tuesday volunteers make the rounds to offer books and magazines for you to read free of charge.
  • Church services :
  • Religious councellors from several denominations can visit you. Please ask staff about this
  • Visitors :
  • A support team of volunteers can pay you a visit during your stay if you wish.
  • Circulation dans l'établissement :
  • Circulation dans l'établissement: Vous êtes libre de sortir de votre chambre, sauf pour raison de santé, après en avoir informé un membre de l'équipe soignante.
  • Moving about within the hospital :
  • You are free to leave your room except where this is inadvisable for medical reasons. Please inform a member of staff.
  • Special permission to leave the hospital :
  • This authorization must be requested in advance from the doctor in charge of your ward. If your doctor advises you to stay, we will ask you to sign a paper which absolves us of any responsibility for any consequences resulting from an early discharge.
    Your family
  • Visits :
  • Your family is welcome to visit you during visiting hours. As each ward is independent, the visiting hours will be indicated to you as soon as you are able to receive visits. Please ask the medical team if children are allowed to visit without risk of contagion. Please avoid group visits which can be tiring.
    If you wish to remain anonymous you can request that no information be given to outsiders concerning your presence in the hospital or your state of health. Please inform the medical staff as soon as possible if this is the case.
  • Live-in family member :
  • If you wish the presence of a family member on a permanent basis, the medical team can arrange a bed and meals for them in your room if space permits and if your medical team agrees. You can pay for this service in the admissions office.

Your discharge

Your doctor will fix the time of your departure and inform your general practitioner. Upon leaving, he will give you a prescription for your medication accompanied by a letter to your general practitioner indicating your general state of health and prescribed treatment.
Administrative formalities
When you are discharged please go to the admissions office to complete your paperwork. You will be given an official discharge document to send to your insurance company.
These administrative papers will cover the following hospital charges:
In-patient hospital stay: general charges, medicines, blood products, doctors' fees, analysis laboratory, x-rays, etc. If you are covered by national insurance (sécurité sociale) the majority of this charge will be covered. The part which is not covered is called the "ticket moderateur" and this will be billed to you if you have no private insurance or if you are not exempted for any particular reason.
Room charge: You need to pay for it upon discharge.
Private Room Supplement: This is nerver covered by general social security health insurance even if you have 100 % cover. It can sometimes be reimbursed by your private health insurance.
Transportation: You must arrange transport but if you are issued with a medical voucher your transport will be taken care of by an ambulance or VSL (Véhicule Sanitaire Léger). Please note that insurance cover for use of an ambulance is very restricted. If necessary the hospital can arrange for repatriation. Please consult the medical team on your floor for further details.
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